Trailer Wraps

Make It an Eco-Cottage

Renovated kitchen.
After the magic!

Wonderful things can happen with our Park Model trailers. This Wrap Project was completed by Graham and Theresa Reynolds. Working together, they gutted a 1990’s vintage trailer to create this Scandinavian-themed, Mid-Century modern gem.

The Trailer was gutted to the frame and floor, with new insulation, and updates to plumbing, heating and ventilation. Partitions and dated features were removed to open the trailer’s layout and create a roomy feel.

Carpeting and dated flooring was replaced with terrazo-style tiling to create a luxurious impression. Ikea-style cabinetry replaced dated faux-oak finished cupboards.

Trailer sized water tanks and furnaces were replaced with modern, efficient and larger capacity units.

The results speak for themselves, don’t they?

Old Kitchen is Gutted to begin the transformation.
Work begins

New appliances were positioned and clerestory windows were inserted to bring light onto working surfaces in the kitchen, adding to the airy feel.

The old partition walls were easily modified, and trailer-like features easily replaced with simple improvements to upgrade the trailer to a ‘mini-home’ level of comfort, style and convenience.

A modern fan was installed on the old ducting to ensure cooking odours are properly ventilated.

An on-demand capable water heater upgraded the hot-water supply to a near-limitless amount.

High performance therma-seal windows replaced the trailer-grade windows. Combined with new insulation in the walls and an upgraded furnace, this trailer is year-round cozy and comfortable.

photo 1

The final product is an appealing, high performance mini-home built on the bones of a 1990’s vintage Park Model Trailer. The owners are proud of their project which is a wonderful reflection of their tastes and resourcefulness.

The interior spaces have a wonderful scent of the pine boards used to finish the ceilings and some walls. The light finishes add to the sense of roominess and serenity.

The exterior finishes were selected to echo the Scandinavian sensibilities of the interior, with a pre-treated lightweight wood product replacing the cliche 1990’s-era exterior trailer vinyl. The exterior of the trailer is professionally sealed and weather-tight with complete insulation of the perimeter of the trailer to the ground to prevent freezing of water or sewer connections.

photo 5

A spacious cedar finish deck with minimal visual clutter or barriers completes the exterior.

Full rain gutters were added to ensure proper water drainage away from the structure.

White window and roof trims echo the lightness of the interior and add to the clean lines.

Pea gravel surrounds circular patio stones on the approach from the waterfront-side.






The original trailer was a perfectly good 1991 Park Model Trailer that had been lovingly cared for by the previous owners since it was new. The new version will stand as a wonderful tribute to its humble origins and to the transformative, creative wizardry of it’s current owners.

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