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The Sustainable Hotel

May 13, 2018 • By Dave Dingle

Sustainable is not a great marketing term. Green seems better, but still not great. For me, these words trigger questions and sometimes negative feelings of guilt, sacrifice and often, distrust and confusion. Is this green thing really better? Will it help protect and preserve the planet for future generations? Or, am I being duped? And this leads to fleeting thoughts of vague bigger questions: What do my choices say about…

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Getting to Know Us

May 4, 2018 • By Dave Dingle

There are so many improvements and exciting initiatives happening. Especially if you’ve visited us before we’d love to let you know what’s been happening. We want you to come and stay in our unique hotel to experience our authentic blend of local hospitality and cuisine. In particular, we want you to experience our near-to-year-round Park Model Trailer beach resort. For years now we’ve…

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Welcome to the Timber House Resort Waterfront

May 4, 2018 • By Dave Dingle

Good cooking is all about ingredients. We’re cooking up something fantastic with these ingredients. 

Looking east along the shore to Prince Edward County

Looking west at the Presqu’ile Lighthouse and Brighton Bay…

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Rental Trailers

May 2, 2018 • By Dave Dingle

The Timber House Resort Waterfront Park Model trailer park is a unique recreational property. It operates year-round and offers near-to-year-round occupancy in our trailers. We do this while maintaining the recreational nature of our operation. This unique offering has great potential to attract an ever-growing vacation and holiday-making tourism market that will help our Timber House Resort hospitality offerings to grow and flourish while…

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    This Resort as a B & B is excellent. It is quiet, the beds comfortable, the rooms spacious, and home cooked breakfast excellent. The main house is picturesque out side and inside. The service is friendly and casual. A good place to rest and relax.

  • We recently stayed at the Timber House with our son, his wife and our 6 month old grandson. It was great to have so much space the sitting area and kitchen with coffee,tea, cream in the fridge. Lovely quite place. Clean rooms, friendly and helpful staff. Close to Brighton and Presquile PP.