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May 2, 2018 • By Dave Dingle

The Timber House Resort Waterfront Park Model trailer park is a unique recreational property. It operates year-round and offers near-to-year-round occupancy in our trailers. We do this while maintaining the recreational nature of our operation. This unique offering has great potential to attract an ever-growing vacation and holiday-making tourism market that will help our Timber House Resort hospitality offerings to grow and flourish while bringing new benefits to trailer owners.
To tap this opportunity, we are developing rental trailers which we’ll offer as an exciting new vacation experience. We see our existing trailer owners as key partners in this effort. We plan on attracting overnight/short-stay visitors to experience the park and consider becoming owners. We’ll provide the amenities and services to make the experience great.
We envision some current owners and new buyers may want to get rental income by including their trailers in our pool of rentals when they’re not using them. We see this as a great new trailer ownership benefit leading to increased trailer value over time.
We expect the rental trailer program to continue to build the value of the park and improve the experience for all our guests, short stay and near-to-year-round.
Our trailers are perfect for near-to-year-round recreation, but as the years go by, at some point the trailer owner will want to sell. When owners sell, our new offerings are designed to produce a better price as the years go by.

Posted in Blogs
May 2, 2018 • By Dave Dingle

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    This Resort as a B & B is excellent. It is quiet, the beds comfortable, the rooms spacious, and home cooked breakfast excellent. The main house is picturesque out side and inside. The service is friendly and casual. A good place to rest and relax.

  • We recently stayed at the Timber House with our son, his wife and our 6 month old grandson. It was great to have so much space the sitting area and kitchen with coffee,tea, cream in the fridge. Lovely quite place. Clean rooms, friendly and helpful staff. Close to Brighton and Presquile PP.