The Park

Timber House Resort Waterfront

Timber House Resort Waterfront is our ‘light on the land’ eco-conscious Park Model trailer park. Known as Brighton Shores when we started as a business in 1990, the Waterfront is an exceptionally beautiful, Park Model-only trailer park that defies every trailer park stereotype. The Timber House Country Inn, built in 1997, added a B&B and banquet hall. From the start, the Timber House building also served as a part-time social hub for the trailer park.

Timber House Resort Waterfront has the retro-vibe of an artist colony, with meticulously cared-for trailers on generously uncrowded lots featuring epic views of Presqu’ile and Prince Edward County. The main Timber House building is a part-time social hub for the Park when it is not taken over for weddings or hotel functions. It provides hotel amenities to our Park Model trailer owners.

Our Park Model owners are long-term partners in the development of the Timber House Resort. They respect the privacy of our hotel guests and wedding groups and welcome them as they stroll through the Park and spend time visiting the waterfront common areas.

Join our Eco-Cottage vision?

Timber House Resort’s integration into the Timber House Resort is an ongoing process, bending traditional land-use genres of trailer parks, hotels and cottaging. This is exciting for creative people who are passionate about design and concerned about environmental choices.

Park Models for Sale

Buy a Park Model at Timber House Resort

Considering purchasing a Park Model in the Park? Click here for a listing of existing Park Models for sale by owners in the Park. These are available on sites with year-round leases.

Make It an Eco-Cottage

Trailer Wrap

Over time, if and when our trailer owners choose, they may do a ‘Trailer Wrap’ or possibly replace existing trailers to convert the Park to eco-cottages. A ‘Trailer Wrap’ is a project to radically renovate a trailer into a higher-functioning mini-home. The eponymous ‘Trailer Wrap’ project pictured just above, is the work of architect Michael Hughes.

Two trailer-wrap projects have been completed in Brighton Shores. Although Michael Hughes wasn’t involved in either of these, both are wonderful embodiments of our concept. We are working with our customers to build others! Ask us if you’d like to learn more.

We Built the Park Right!

Our Resort has been built from the ground, up to support our vision. Year-round-capable water and sewer utilities, an advanced broadband internet network and much more are already in place. Our Park operates year-round for our Park Model owners. We’ve implemented an environmentally advanced constructed-wetland waste treatment system for the entire Timber House Resort. It restores waste water for eventual re-use as irrigation. We also place a strong emphasis on preserving the natural beauty, flora and fauna of our sites, and re-naturalizing the ecological features of the Resort. The Resort emphasizes amenities and activities that connect with the environment.

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    This Resort as a B & B is excellent. It is quiet, the beds comfortable, the rooms spacious, and home cooked breakfast excellent. The main house is picturesque out side and inside. The service is friendly and casual. A good place to rest and relax.

  • We recently stayed at the Timber House with our son, his wife and our 6 month old grandson. It was great to have so much space the sitting area and kitchen with coffee,tea, cream in the fridge. Lovely quite place. Clean rooms, friendly and helpful staff. Close to Brighton and Presquile PP.